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Nuisance Complaints

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Public nuisances include garbage containers, overgrown grass and brush piles, abandoned vehicles, homes in disrepair, excessive litter, noise and more. The city’s nuisance ordinances are outlined in sections 835 and 845 of the city code and charter.

If you find a nuisance violation, please take the following steps (in order).

  • Step One – Talk to the property owner and offer to help correct. Download our resident guide (coming soon) to city ordinances or pick up a copy at city hall to help the discussion.
  • Step Two – Contact the city at 952-939-8200 to schedule a free mediation session. Discuss your concerns and how the alleged violations affect your neighborhood.
  • Step Three – Use our online request system or call 952-939-8200 to report the nuisance. We’ll investigate, enforce the city code’s minimum requirements and work with property owners to resolve any issues.

Learn more about common nuisances below.

Garbage containers and litter
Overgrown grass and brush piles
Abandoned vehicles