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Emergency Management

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TornadoWithin the Minnetonka Fire Department, three federal- and state-certified emergency managers, all of whom are recognized locally as leaders in the field, form the city’s Emergency Management Department. Together, they keep the city's emergency preparedness at a level virtually unmatched by other municipalities.

Emergency management includes the four phases below:

  1. Mitigation: Actions taken to prevent disasters or lessen the harmful effects of unavoidable disaster.
  2. Preparedness: Planning and training for potential disasters and emergencies.
  3. Response: All actions taken to lessen the impact of an actual or emergency.
  4. Recovery: Actions taken to return communities and their citizens to their pre-disaster state, including measures to enhance future disaster preparedness.
Emergency Response Plan
Family Disaster Plan
Thunderstorms and Tornadoes
Outdoor Sirens
Flood Safety
Winter Weather