Storm Water

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The city promotes storm water techniques that improve the quality of run-off. Infiltration basins, such as rain gardens, help prevent an increase in storm water runoff and improve the quality of the amount discharged.

Contact us

  • Contact the engineering division at 952-939-8206 to provide comments and feedback on storm water management or to report illicit discharges (example: sanitary sewer connected to storm sewer).
  • Call 952-988-8400 or use our online request system to report broken or malfunctioning storm sewers (storm drain, catch basin, drainage way, pipes, etc.) or other maintenance issues.
  • Call 952-939-8233 or use our online request system to request the installation of a new storm sewer or another solution to address a flooding or erosion problem.
  • To report construction site sedimentation or erosion affecting public streets or adjoining properties, contact Natural Resources Specialist Aaron Schwartz at 952-988-8422.

Storm water studies

Huntingdon Pond study

Storm water pond contaminant litigation

Together with several other Minnesota cities, the City of Minnetonka has filed a federal lawsuit against seven refiners of coal tar for allegedly contaminating numerous storm water ponds with chemicals called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

The city is seeking damages to fund proper disposal of PAH contaminants.

PAH is found in coal tar sealant, which is a product that was commonly applied to driveways and parking lots before the State of Minnesota banned the sale and use of sealants containing PAH in 2015.

Regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome, the city plans to begin testing ponds for PAH in 2019. Cleanup will begin following testing.

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    • Are there health implications?

    • Why do cities have stormwater ponds?

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    • Does the city know how many ponds contain the contaminant? If not, what is the plan to determine the number?

    • How will the city remove PAH from ponds?

    • Does the city know how much it will cost to dispose of PAH?

    • Why litigation?

    • What damages are the cities seeking?

    • Will residents who used coal tar sealants on their driveways be responsible for damages in this lawsuit?

    • Is there any chance the contaminant would be found in ponds on private property?

    • How do I know if the pond near me is maintained by the city?