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2019 Photo Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of Minnetonka’s 2019 photo contest, chosen by the city’s Facebook fans! First Place, Second Place, Third Place and Honorable Mention were recognized.

Visit the city's Facebook page to view all 132 entries and the winners (all winning photos are also included below).

Thank you to all our talented photographers who entered the contest, and to everyone who voted! This year's submissions were some of our best yet.

First Place - Jeff Larson - 198 Votes


Second Place - Barry Svee - 152 Votes

Barry Svee

Third Place - Chris Murphy - 109 Votes

Chris Murphy

Honorable Mention - Janet Ruth - 108 Votes

Janet Ruth

Honorable Mention - Beth Kadoun - 101 Votes

Beth Kadoun

Honorable Mention - Steve Charbonneau - 94 Votes

Steven Charbonneau

Honorable Mention - Abbey Key - 91 Votes

Abbey Key

Honorable Mention - Kris Roesler - 91 Votes

Kris Roesler

Honorable Mention - Cris Petersen - 89 Votes

Cris Petersen

Honorable Mention - Mike Bialick - 81 Votes

Mike Bialick

Honorable Mention - Delaine Nelson - 81 Votes

Delaine Nelson