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Diversity and Inclusion

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The City of Minnetonka is committed to welcoming all people – regardless of their race, age, sexual preference, gender identity or ability – to foster a sense of belonging and opportunity across our community and among our staff. Together we strive to remove barriers to living, working and thriving in our city because we believe that diverse perspectives make Minnetonka a great place to call home.

The city has used the following approach to work toward an inclusive and equitable community.

Staff initiatives

In June 2017, city employees formed a Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Committee with the purpose of educating staff around D&I issues, upholding a welcoming work environment and removing obstacles to city employment.

Government Alliance on Race and Equity

In 2018, the City of Minnetonka joined the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) coalition, a national network of local governments that are working to achieve racial equity and opportunities for all. GARE helps local governments build capacity to analyze and address policies, practices and procedures in a way that improves outcomes for people of color.

Cohort Training Program

In the GARE cohort program, a group of City of Minnetonka staff members participated in a yearlong training program to develop a race equity action plan.

With the support of city council, this initiative provided an opportunity for the city to evaluate its practices and polices around issues such as housing, education, contracting, infrastructure and criminal justice. By examining city policies through the lens of racial equity, we will be able to address matters that risk marginalization and promote those that advance inclusiveness.

More than 200 local officials from 14 Minnesota government agencies have participated in GARE, developing indicators, outcomes and action plans specific to their communities.