Swimming LessonsThe goal of the aquatics program is for students to continually make progress, and each class is structured to build on the skills learned in the previous session.

To ensure your child has the best swim lesson experience, we periodically review and make adjustments to the program to best accommodate students of all levels. Younger children are sometimes encouraged to repeat a class, and instructors strive to challenge students throughout the lesson.

Class Information

You can find class descriptions -- by age and ability -- with specific dates, locations and times in our Recreation Brochure.

Depending on the season, classes are offered at Williston Fitness Center as well as Hopkins West Junior High.

Level Assessment

Unsure of your child's swimming skill? We offer free in-water level assessments. Our swim instructors are happy to determine the appropriate swim level for your child.

Please call 952-939-8323 for more information.