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Water Aerobics

We offer the following water aerobics classes free to members. Nonmembers may purchase a guest pass to attend.

Check the group fitness page for class schedules.


Aqua Barre

Tap into muscles you didn't even know you had! Get a great workout utilizing noodles, benderballs and body weight. Balance drills are incorporated for a total body workout.

Aqua Flow

Full-body cardio and strength workout that is gentle on the joints. Incorporates stretching to improve overall flexibility and balance.

Deep Fit

Non-impact aerobic workout with toning and stretching. Participants must be self-sufficient in the water.

Deep Water Extreme

Moderately intense deep water exercise that will get you out of your comfort zone while increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

Gentle Water Fit

Low to moderate intensity, increases range of motion and improves tone and strength for daily activities. This class is open to those with arthritis, hip replacements or other musculoskeletal challenges.

Water Fit

Performed in chest deep water, aqua exercise effectively improves the cardiovascular system while toning muscles, without overstressing joints.


Water Interval Training alternates between cardio, water weights and exercise bands to improve your cardiovascular system, strength and muscle tone. This class is taught in chest deep water.