Minnetonka extends temporary curfew

The City of Minnetonka extended a citywide curfew through June 3. Learn more.

Emergency Notification System

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The City of Minnetonka’s emergency notification system delivers customized emergency messages to residents and businesses via phone calls, text messages and emails.

All landlines in Minnetonka are automatically included, but residents and businesses are encouraged to confirm and update contact information, indicate preferred contact methods and provide additional information, including:

  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Work phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Alternate emergency contact information

To add or update your information and preferences in the emergency notification system:

  • Register or log into the emergency notification system
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Enter your home or work address in Minnetonka
  • Enter your main telephone number
  • Follow the instructions to edit or add your contact information

Access the city’s emergency notification system