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Graphic demonstrating right-of-way and utility easementsFor most properties, land ownership technically extends to the middle of the street. However, the city has easement rights over the land between the center of the street to an area beyond the edge of the street, extending into your yard. This area is called the right-of-way.

This strip of land is intended to be used for roads, crosswalks, sidewalks, trails or utilities. The city’s easement allows us to monitor and manage the right-of-way, ensure safe vehicle and pedestrian travel and use the right-of-way for snow storage and public infrastructure.

View the city’s right-of-way ordinance and use the sections below to learn more.

View our right-of-way and utility and drainage easements graphic for a typical visual representation of both. This is just an example, as both can vary on each individual property. 

Contact City of Minnetonka Right-of-Way/Property Coordinator Sarah Krake at 952-939-8246 to ask questions.

Easements on your property
What you can and can't do in the right-of-way
Right-of-way permits

Call before you dig

If you’re planning to dig for any reason, contact Gopher State One Call or call 811 to request utility location at least 48 hours in advance. Utility companies are notified and will mark the utility locations with small flags and/or paint.

It’s crucial to preserve and maintain the location of the flags and paint until work is complete, as displaced markings may lead to accidental damage of the existing utilities.

I didn’t request utility location; why are there flags and paint in my yard?
When should I request utility location?
What doesn’t get marked?
What do the different colors mean?