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Minnetonka Public Works is responsible for plowing and maintaining city-owned streets throughout the winter.

Hennepin County is responsible for county roads and MnDOT is responsible for state and interstate highways. Property owners are responsible for private roads and parking lots.

Citywide snow removal

Citywide snow removal occurs with two or more inches of snow accumulation. Bare pavement is not the goal of city snow removal efforts. Roads are cleared and then treated to promote melting of any remaining snow.

Plows are also dispatched for lighter snowfalls to ensure the main roads are free of snow and ice.

Plowing areas and fleet
Parking lots, sidewalks, trails and ice rinks

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Regular road treatments
Clearing your property
Adopt a fire hydrant
Snowplow damage
Mailbox damage
Mark your curb
Recycling and garbage collection

Salt, road treatments and sand

The city responsibly uses salt, road treatments and – in certain situations – a limited amount of sand to improve winter driving conditions and assist with snow removal.

Pre-snowfall road treatments
Minimize salt use at home